Inna navy blue headband

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Brass and navy blue viscose headband. "Nefertiti" collection.

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The navy "Inna" headband is made of haute couture silk and brass.

It is handmade, in limited edition.

This braided headband belongs to the "Nefertiti" collection. On the banks of the roaring Nile, between papyrus and sycamore fig trees, a beetle pushes its sun disk. Immortal Egypt. We find in the Nefertiti collection the simple and clear graphic line of the Egyptian frescoes, their flat colors and pure forms. The necklace Isis unfolds like the wings of the goddess on the walls of the pyramids. In the Emerald and Berenice necklaces resound the pleated linen loincloth. The braided headbands and gold intertwined bracelets recall the sets of straps that hold the draped costume together. Butterfly bows and silk scarves sing the elegance of the pharaoh's court.

A good idea for a wedding.

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Inna navy blue headband

Inna navy blue headband

Brass and navy blue viscose headband. "Nefertiti" collection.

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