Chabaka wool tie

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Houndstooth grey designer wool tie. Nefertiti collection.

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“Chabaka” shepherd’s check grey designer wool tie.

French design, handmade in limited editition

Length : 146 cm 

Width : 7 cm


Part of the “Nefertiti” collection. On the Nile riverside, between papyruses and sycamore fig trees, a beetle drives its solar disc. Everlasting Egypt. The Nefertiti collection brings up the clear, simple and graphic lign of the egyptian frescos, tint areas and clean shapes. The Isis necklace opens out like the goddess wings on pyramids walls. Emerald and Berenice necklace rhymes with linen loincoat pleats. Plaited headbands and golden interlaced bracelets remind lash games which hold the costume. Bow ties and silk scarves give you a lift to the elegance of the Pharaoh's court.

You are invited to a special occasion : a wedding, a romantic dinner, or a birthday party ? Or you are just looking for an elegant accessory ? This chic tie offers the finishing touch that makes all the difference to your outfit.

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Chabaka wool tie

Chabaka wool tie

Houndstooth grey designer wool tie. Nefertiti collection.

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