Enée ochre tie

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Ochre wool tie. Collection "Constantinople".

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The Enée tie is in ocher high fashion wool. It is handmade in a limited edition.

Each lining is unique because it is made from scraps of fabric, of which stocks are limited. This tie belongs to the Constantinople collection.

We find in this collection the golden brass and the garnet red of the purple saddles marked with gold of the Amazigh riders, the yellow sand and the black musket powder of the fantasia dust games.

The simple knot: place the large pan about 30 centimeters below the small one before starting the operation. Right-handers must place this large pan on the right and left-handers on the left.

It is preferable not to mold a knot that is too rigorously triangular: a slight asymmetry will give a touch of salutary poetry.

It is also important to know that an impression of harmony results from the association of at least three colors. The ideal therefore, with a plain shirt, is to wear a tie with at least two colors: one opposite to that of the shirt, which will be the dominant color of the tie, and another reminding that of the shirt without going so far. in tone on tone.


> To avoid iron with excessively wrinkled ties, hang the tie in the bathroom when taking a bath or shower, leaving the fibers to relax in the steam. Then make sure to dry the tie flat.

> Dry cleaning is essential in a good dyer.

In a suitcase, you can use a tie case, preferably in leather. Other solutions include wrapping the ties around themselves without tightening them too tightly, then placing them in shoes or folding them (at the level of the collar) and slipping them inside a thick garment.

With a classic collar, anything goes. The supple, button-down American collar works great with a sports, Scottish, knit or club tie. The collar with tab, which projects the knot, can only be suitable for a wide or very thick tie. The Italian collars, with short and widely spaced tips, hardly welcome thin and discreet ties: preferably place a woven silk decorated with a fairly marked pattern, or why not a knitted tie.

The primary function of the earliest ties in history was to protect from the harsh weather, which may have been responsible not only for the reappearance, but for the rise of the men's headscarf in the 17th century.


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Enée ochre tie

Enée ochre tie

Ochre wool tie. Collection "Constantinople".

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